About The Grounded Hippie

There are quite literally hundreds and thousands of bloggers out there, and each one of us have quite a few amazing stories to share with the rest of the world, with you. So, what makes me stand out? Umm.. I guess nothing much – I do what others in my fraternity have already been doing over the last so many years – I travel, I find experiences, I take photos, and I blog about them. 

However, on the off chance that you do find time to read one more self-proclaimed travel blogger and my endless, pointless rantings about how travel has changed my life, how I have suddenly become the travel guru, and how everything out in the world is so harmless and beautiful, I would like for you to know me and my website, The Grounded Hippie, before you pledge your allegiance to reading every (or most of them I hope) post I publish.

Who Am I?

Of course, I am a travel blogger!

I am Aditi and I am an Indian who has been traveling around the globe since 2013 (November, if we are counting!).

I have traveled mostly within the country and have taken three trips to Thailand (Volunteering; with the boyfriend, and with my mom – exactly in that order).

I do take photos, a lot (as my friend Eve would say), but what interests me the most about a new place I travel to is not just the beauty of its landscape and the charm of its highly overrated tourist sights but also the PEOPLE. I love immersing myself into the lives and culture of people, and so, it’s not a secret that I fall into the category of ‘slow travelers’. In fact, I love slow traveling so much that I try to volunteer wherever I go and whenever it is possible.

Unlike most of my fellow friends, it took me a while before I understood my true calling but since that realization, there hasn’t really been ever looking back.

Of course, I don’t travel 365 days a year (at least not yet), but I try to make random plans as and when possible and do my best to gain substantial knowledge and experience during my time at a place.

And, last but not the least, I try to follow my mother’s only advice to ‘mom, I think I want to travel the world – on my own’ which was “Don’t die and don’t get an STD”.

What’s The Grounded Hippie?

Most of you know me as the face behind My Dream Travels, a blog which I had established in November 2013, to document my travel experiences. Somewhere along the way, I lost my balance with a few things and couldn’t keep up with the maintenance and regularity. However, it was perhaps mainly because I couldn’t resonate with my own ideas at the time and needed to spend time researching my own ideologies of life, of travel, and of putting my experiences on public display.

The Grounded Hippie - Bangkok

As I spent the better part of last year in speculation, I came across quite a few charming personalities, who in turn, christened me as The Grounded Hippie. And, when asked, they often explained that I am the undercover world explorer who doesn’t wear her ego and pride on her sleeves and is humble and cheerful and yet hippie like!

Thanks Ahana, Natasha, Aishwarya, and all other beautiful ladies and of course, gentlemen, who I had the pleasure of meeting and spending time with in the last few years of my journey.

All the wonderful people I have met during the last 4 years are the reason why I could do this all over again. I hope The Grounded Hippie to retain the charm of my first baby, My Dream Travels, and yet offer you a lot more than I did before.

Last but not the least, I, hereby, acknowledge and appreciate all the love and courage and support you all have shown me over the years with My Dream Travels, and I hope and pray that you will share the same love with The Grounded Hippie.