Happy 70th Independence Day!

Independence Day – One of those days when our country is suddenly decked up in the hues of orange, white, blue, and green, hearts filled with passion and patriotism for our country, respect for our soldiers, and a great reason to have all of this – FREEDOM.

70th Independence Day

Apparently, 70 years ago today, India won its freedom back from the United Kingdom, and since then, the day has been observed as the day the country breathed free.

Are we really free? I am not sure. Are you?

70 years ago, we were ruled by English speaking officials who treated us like slaves and made us fight against each other to the point where India, a one big happy family then, was divided into two eternal frenemies – India and Pakistan. 70 years later, the countrymen are ruled, judged, and categorized by their fluency of English. Those who know the language become superior automatically, and those who don’t are termed bhayyas and behenjis. The country is now divided further into two groups – the elite English speakers and the socially awkward non-English speakers.

70th Independence Day

Of course, India has grown massively over the last 7 decades. Our educational system has reached new levels, the infrastructure has improved, transportation has evolved, more importance has been given to lower sects of the communities, and significant provisions have been made for our farmers and their families. Initiatives have been taken to empower women and several non-profit organizations have come forward to educate children, even in the remotest corners of the nation.

But, are we, us women, really empowered?

I was starting to write this post with a very positive idea. The plan was to write a visually appealing post about the various travel opportunities that the country offers and the way it has grown globally. And, then, I came across this –

Chandigarh Girl, 12, Allegedly Raped On Way Home After Independence Day Event

So, I want to ask again – are we safe? Are we empowered? Are we independent?

It has been said time and again that most rapes happen because it’s the girls fault – skimpy clothes, hanging out late, smoking, drinking, working, talking, BREATHING!

What do you think this 12-year-old school girl, in her uniform, returning home in broad daylight after hoisting the INDIAN FLAG, would have done to call this upon herself? Was her skirt too short? Did she want her predator to do this to her? Did she want to be molested?


Why do we need to mark one day to celebrate our independence when we should be thankful every day for the freedom our forefathers earned us 70 years ago?

Why do we still need to keep up with the “Wall of Hatred and Disgust” towards the backward sector, the non-English speakers, Pakistan, Muslims born and living in India, men, women, kids? Why so much hate towards everything?


70th Independence Day

Every year, hundreds and thousands of travelers visit this country in the hopes of finding their inner self. It’s called soul searching. They believe that the grandiose traditional and cultural experience in the country will help them change their outlook towards life and will widen their perspective towards the world, towards life. Some bloggers I follow diligently have even given up their comfortable lives in their native, first-world country, and have settled here, permanently.

The people, the landscape, the festivals, the culture, the food – there is no other place in the world like my country, my INDIA.

It’s been 70 years since the struggle, let’s just get rid of the fight!

It’s been 70 years since the war, let’s get rid of the hatred!

It’s been 70 years since the independence, let’s get rid of the hesitations!

It’s been 70 years since the blood bath, let’s get rid of the inner demons.

Please, just stop the crimes, the prejudice, the hatred, and let’s just really make our country what it is, what our freedom fighters gave their lives for, what our forefathers left us as legacy, what we want to leave for our generations – Beauty and MAGIC.

Peace – A

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