Our First Week in Canggu – Here is Story So Far

Merry Christmas Everyone (from Canggu)!

Last night at Old Man's - Canggu

It has been 6 days that we arrived here at Canggu and we are loving every bit of it. The first few days were a bit slow for me since I had to wrap up a bit of work, but we had a great time with friends last night.

We didn’t have a fixed plan for Bali, only that we wanted to be here soon and that we wanted to spend some time exploring the beautiful islands of Indonesia. Now, of course, we can’t see them all – 17,504 has been listed officially by the Indonesian Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs so far. But, we will at least try to explore some of the major ones and some, not so major ones I hope.

Though we moved from a guesthouse to a homestay, we love the relaxed yet fun vibe of Canggu so we decided to spend a month here, and then travel around.

If you are like us and you like the idea of slow travel, this is the perfect place to be. The villa-filled town of Canggu is known for its surfing culture and its proximity to Tanah Lot, one of the biggest and most prominent temples in not just Bali but the whole of Indonesia, I suppose. Also, it has really nice local and western restaurants – Mie Ayam (Chicken noodles), Nasi Goreng (Indonesian Fried Rice), Babi Guling (Pork with Rice), Pizza, Burgers, Tacos – whatever you want!

For long-term travelers (like us), renting a guesthouse or a homestay for a longer duration is better than changing them every now and then, unless of course, you will be traveling to different, far-off places in the country. For instance, we plan to stay here a couple of months but the first month we want to stay here in Canggu and explore the rest of the island of Bali. So, we booked the homestay for an entire month which only cost us about IDR 2.5 million (slightly over 10,000 Indian Rupee) – we have a small but cozy double bedroom with a private bathroom (and really awesome shower) with hot water around the clock and a small kitchenette just outside the room with a refrigerator, some basic utensils, and water boiler if we wanted to get some tea or cup noodles.

There is also a nice temple within the homestay complex.

And, the owners are super-friendly. They bring us food and Fanta and even furniture so I can sit comfortably and work. Yay!

One piece of advice though from our personal experience – it’s better to book something (for long-term) once you are here because booking online won’t give you an option to bargain. When we booked our homestay for the first night, it was for IDR 1,00,000 (INR 473 approx.) but then we decided we wanted to stay here for the whole month, so we spoke to the owner lady (Ilu) and she was so kind to IDR 2.5 million (INR 11,800 approx.).

Also, for the first day, we rented a scooter for IDR 50,000 but after we told Ilu we wanted it for the entire month as well, she made it IDR 700,000 or INR 3,300 approx. for the whole month i.e. INR 110 for a day!

And, we get the cycle for free. Yay! Again.

Since we would be staying longer so we are being a little strict on the budget. We have been avoiding the temptation of eating fancy seafood dishes and drinking that extra bottle of Bintang (local beer), but most places have a happy hour every evening so you can get 2 for the price of 1 or even less. for example, a normal pint of Bintang costs IDR 20,000 so for four bottles, you would have to pay like IDR 80,000. But, during happy hour at Old Man’s (the go-to beach club in Batu Bolong), you can get four pints for IDR 50,000.

Old Man's Near Canggu

You see what I mean.

In the last 6 days, we have moved twice (only to find our perfect home the second time), made a lot of cool friends, ate some really yummy local food, and enjoyed the amazing atmosphere. I am sure by the time we are done with our time here, we won’t want to go back home. But, until then, we are going to live every moment of our time on the islands, make some more friends, hopefully, meet more warm and friendly locals, and see a lot of nice places (and of course, write about them).

We all get only one life and though we keep on talking about having one life and living it to the fullest, not most of us get a chance to do so. It takes a lot of courage at times and a lot of hard work to be able to live like this. It may seem all rainbows and unicorns to onlookers but it isn’t – because what you can’t see is the sleepless nights behind planning such a holiday, doing a lot of research so you know where you stand when you visit a new place, and for digital nomads like us, it also takes endless hours of sitting on our bum and working to save so we can travel.

You will think I have been to the beach every day and all I am doing is drinking beer and making friends but truth be told, I have only been out to the beach once for an hour and yesterday was my first day at Old Man’s (which is like 10 mins from our place). I am not complaining but all I am saying is that it’s okay to not be out every night and not get drunk every day. It’s okay to work while you travel and you still get to enjoy so much. In fact, people appreciate you for the life you have chosen for yourself.

So, whatever you apprehensions are and whatever you think is stopping you from taking that “leap” finally, I am sure there is a way around it and I am sure you can find it. Just look harder and try harder my friend and you will find a way to live that “one life you have been blessed with.

Merry Christmas once to all of you and hope you all have a great New Years 

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