Visa Rules & Regulations

One of the most dreadful instances in a traveler’s life is when they have to sort out a visa application procedure to the country they plan on traveling to- endless paperwork, baseless visa rules, confusing requirements! During such times, even the simplest information can be of great assistance and a greater relief (at least, that’s what I have felt so far).

In this section, I will try to elaborately mention the various visa rules and regulations of the countries I have been to. And, I sincerely hope that it helps some of you in your visa application.


Volunteer Visa

Visa on Arrival (VOA)

Tourist Visa


Visa On Arrival (VOA)

Note: The information under this section is based on my personal experience. Visa rules and laws change all the time and may not be the same in every case, so kindly take this as just a reference, and feel free to share updated information, if any.

Let’s make travel easier, shall we!