Yay! We Made It To Bali!

The last couple of months have been terrible – first, we had to cancel our Vietnam plans because of Typhoon Damrey, and then we almost had to cancel Bali because of Mount Agung’s eruption. The initial plan was to fly here on December 12th, but we rescheduled and finally arrived here a couple of days ago. And after all of these unforeseen situations, we are finally here! Yay!

Bali Airport

The journey wasn’t easy, I will be honest. But, when you land at an airport with the sea on the other side of the runway, you just can’t complain any longer.

Though it has just been a couple of days on the island of Bali, we love it here. It has a lot of tourists (no surprise) but it is not noisy and doesn’t feel overcrowded – this may be because we aren’t staying in the tourist central Kuta. We chose to stay at Canggu instead (I will write a detailed post about the town soon).

I am not a fussy traveler but I do like to stay aware of the weather and other such factors (not that they matter at all anyway). Habitually, I had found out that it was raining in Bali. Ideally, when it rains in Delhi (my city for 27 years), a fan is fine, but when it rains in Kolkata (my city for the last 4 years), it gets super-humid and you just can’t survive without an AC sometimes. Let’s just say I didn’t want to take a chance so I booked an AC room for the first couple of days.

This is how our AC double bedroom looked like at Riyuri Guest House, Canggu (I will do a detailed review of the place soon too) –

And, this was the view from our front door –

Unfortunately, we only booked it for two days and the guys were already booked for the rest of the month, so we moved to a new place now, which by the way, is equally amazing. In fact, the new place is a homestay (which of course I will write about too) with a proper Balinese temple inside the homestay compound and the host, Ilu, is the best host ever!

So, this is how our arrival in Bali looks like. I will be posting more photos and writing more posts soon.

Until then,

Hati Hati (Take care in Bahasa that is)

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